Which Dog Breeds Make The Best Jogging Partners?

For many people jogging is the way they shed their extra calories accumulated on a day-to-day basis. And many of them like to take their pet dog on their jogging routine. Many dog breeds make for an excellent partner in your active lifestyle including jogging and running. But you need to be careful about their body, stamina, and limitations. For example, they can’t bear heat the same way you do. The only way they can shed heat is panting so you can’t push them on a running track beyond a point. Not all dogs will be able to accompany you all the way on your jogging track stretching miles and miles into the horizon. Finally, they would prefer a grassy surface as you would like to wear a comfortable and cushioned pair of shoes before you hit the track.

According to dog experts, the following dog breeds make for good partners on jogging and running tracks:


Boxer dogs are bouncy. They love jumping, leaping, and spring around. Actually, they love catching the ball. But they can be a good running partner as well. They can be trained for running and activities that require them to be steady and focused on a particular activity for a considerable period of time. For example, they can be a good partner in hiking and running. But they can heat up quickly. So, have plenty of water for your Boxer.


Doberman is full of energy and it is also more loyal. Therefore, they are good partners in your workouts and running sessions. They don’t tire easily and will be happy to go with you on your regular run. They also enjoy other activities. They are intelligent and easily trained for agility and obedience. Overall, they are a good partner for your running tracks.


Siberian Huskies are great at activities including running and hiking. They are good jogging partners and they exhibit an enviable amount of stamina. These are adventure-loving dogs who will invent an adventure if there is none around. They are friendly and cutely mischievous. They are athletic both in terms of physical attributes and mindset. Overall, they are good running partners.


Well, sometimes you might think about whether your pup will be able to match you in your run. But if your running partner is a border collie, the situation can be just the opposite. You will have to think about whether you can keep up with your dog on the running track. A border collie has loads of unspent energy and just like you, it might be looking forward to shedding them on the jogging track. So, you have got a good running partner.


The Labrador Retriever is perhaps the best dog for a person with an active lifestyle. They are playful and love to take part in activities. They enjoy it all the more if it involves playing with their loved ones. They train well-meaning they would not leave you off your track or start barking at a fellow runner. They are a good running partner for you.


Saint Bernard dog is an affectionate dog who is not suitable for high-intensity activities such as jogging and running. You can take them along during your walks but they are not comfortable with strenuous activities.


While most dogs love activity, especially with their loved ones, some dog breeds are good running partners. Apart from the above-mentioned breeds, Weimaraner, German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier, Pit Bull, Malinois, Terrier, German Shorthair Pointer, Springer Spaniel, and Golden Retriever are also good running partners.

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