How To Get Over Your Fear of Needles At The Doctor’s Office

Visits to the doctor’s office can be a pretty enjoyable experience overall since you get to discover new things at the end and also the current status of your body. However, everything goes down when the medic in question asks for a blood test, in which you’ll have to face some needles, and while that sounds completely normal, think about the people who suffer from phobias with needles. This phobia can grow to the point in which the person would not perform any medical procedure in which needles are involved, and this is pretty dangerous, especially if you’re in a life or death situation, so, let’s discover how to break this fear right now.


While this can sound pretty obvious, for most people it isn’t, they tend to think a lot before the procedure about bad things such as the pain that their body will handle thanks to the horrible needle, or even to most extreme things like passing out for the pain, when everyone’s that it will not be like that all. Think positive, everything will be ending soon, just a little ant bite and everything will go as smooth as ever, don’t let your fear overcome your dedication and thoughts, work hard to overcome your nightmares and make them valuable experiences to learn more.


Breathing is important in this procedures, be calm and start passive breathing, remember if you start taking air like a maniac, then your body will start feeling weak, and when the needle reaches your body, everything will be over for you since your brain will think that the pain is too extreme to handle, leading to different symptoms after the procedure that has nothing to with the needle at all, just your bad control of the situation. To manage this, breathe slowly and normally, then combine the previous recommendation to increase the percentage of success.

Many people don’t know this, but if you start pushing your muscles during the procedure, more pain you will experience, this is because your muscles will be in a more stressful situation thanks to your effort of holding the pain when in reality, you’re making it worse. The only thing to do is stay calm and normal like any other human being, try to face your fears straight to their face, don’t hide anything. While these tips can be pretty useful, they can’t help to overcome your fear at the first needle shot, it requires some practice and effort, so do your best.


You can feel free to ask for the best medic before facing the needle shot, this has become a topic in many doctor offices since there are most peoples that have fear for needles, so the medics are trying to control the situation by giving some confidence to the patient by offering the best professional that exist in the location. Also, you could ask for a smaller needle if the procedure requires it and if it’s not a big trouble for the medics. Finally, tell them that you can only handle a shot at the time, some procedures can take more than one attempt to receive the sample that they need, so remember to ask this to start slowly but strong with your session to overcome this fear, good luck. More at